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About VWmotion.lv - VAG car enthusiasts club

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About VWmotion.lv - VAG car enthusiasts club

Atbildēt envy » 2008/Apr/01, 18:11

January 5, 2004 was the day when a computer techie had the idea of creating a forum for VW users.
On the same exact day, the first post appeared on the forum, and this was the actual beginning of the club.
At the very beginning everything went on according to the principle of democracy – the name of the club was chosen by vote on January 20, later an idea emerged to establish a club, and already on January 30, the first club meeting was held.
On the occasion of the club's birthday, an event was organized a month later at an ice track that featured driving skill competitions. It became a tradition – one Saturday in January or February each year we rent an ice track and organize these competitions. The main idea is to learn to control the car in extreme situations on the road. Everyone can take part in these events, so each year there are more and more participants from various car clubs.
Club members are people with the same interests and the same look on life, people who like to spend time in each other’s company.
On the forum we mainly discuss and consult each other about technical things. Over the years, the forum has been joined by various top specialists – car electricians, mechanics, bodywork and painting professionals. Plus, there are professional race car drivers who we support as fans.
We also take part in other events organized for car clubs, for instance, the magazine Forsāža organizes sports games for car clubs (which we won in 2005), car clubs' bowling cup (also won in 2005) and other annual events.
In spring 2006 a few members of the club took a road trip to Wolfsburg with a Passat B3. During the road trip the guys tried to popularize the club abroad, and left a sticker with the club logo on the auto clubs' memo board in the Volkswagen Museum. We believe that every club member has to make a "pilgrimage" to Wolfsburg.
In summer 2006, the VWmotion board was established because of the increasing number of club members, which meant more problems when the club was to make important decisions. After that, such decisions as well as developing a strategy for the club were delegated to the VWmotion board.
At this moment we are working on a new website where we could publish more technical information and practical advice regarding VW and repairs. It would be of great help for used car owners in repairs and maintenance of their cars, and help one make the right decisions when buying a new car.
One of the most important values of the forum is the technical information accumulated here, and we plan to further improve it.
At the same time we are working on a charter for the VWmotion club, to make it a legitimate non-profit organization.
Year 2007 was also a very good year for VWmotion! We organized the Spring Event in May in a fantastic countryside recreation center, where we spent two days seeing places that we had never seen before.
Of course there was room for many sports events like track days, drag races and a Scirocco Club event in mid-summer, Forsāža sports games and the bowling cup for car clubs.

VWmotion club in figures:
There are 5 members on the club's board
The club at this moment has 36 members and many candidates for member status
There are more that 1,000 registered users in the forum, including 400 active users (who visit the forum at least once a month), the forum is visited by 160 registered users each day. Every month there are about 3,700 unique users with about 20,000 visits
One year ago these respective figures were 2,500 and 13,000
The main language used in the forum is Latvian, but visitors can also communicate in other languages – posts in Russian, English and German will be understood and replied to
We are looking forward to seeing more foreign visitors; at present we have visitors from about 30 different countries around the world

Sincerely yours,

VWmotion Club Board
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